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Oscar Bloise
Retired National Pastor
Kingston, Jamaica

Oscar Bloise, a Jamaican citizen, was converted in 1953 through the witness of a tourist visiting his land.  In 1956 he pursued biblical studies at Philadelphia College of the Bible.  It was during this time that God led Oscar into a long-standing relationship with Leon Blosser and Grace Baptist Church in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.   In 1971, with support from Grace Baptist, Oscar began to gather a church in Kingston. 

Through the years, Oscar has seen many young people confess Christ and serve Him in a variety of ways and places in Jamaica.  The greatest need in the church today is the training of leaders for the next generation.

Olivier Favré
National Pastor
Payerne, Switzerland

Oliviér was born in a Christian family in a small village of Switzerland.  After his training as a cabinet maker, he felt God's call for the ministry and attended a Bible school.  He providentially met Stuart Olyott who was pastoring the Lausanne's Evangelical Baptist church. It is through this ministry that Olivier became convinced of the biblical bases of the Reformed Baptist doctrines.  His pastoral gifts being recognized by the church, he studied for three more years at the "Faculté libre de théologie Réformée" in Aix-en-Provence. 

Upon Pastor Olyott's return to England, the Lausanne church called Oliviér to be their pastor where he ministered for fourteen years.  In July 2005, he and his family left Lausanne for Payerne, being convinced that he should be a church planter.  At present he is nurturing two pioneer works.

Daniel Durand
National Pastor
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Daniel was raised as a Roman Catholic.  During his teenage years, in the midst of a state of unhappiness, providentially the Lord sent someone to speak to him about his need of salvation in Christ.  Daniel believes that he became a Christian during that time even though he remained in the Catholic Church.

In 1983 Daniel married Loraine.  Soon after, as they were reading the Bible together, they came to realize that they could no longer remain in the Catholic Church, and the Lord led them to a Baptist Church.  During the next fifteen years he worked in a print shop and entered a program of theological studies.  It was here that he met Raymond Perron.  In 2003 Raymond asked Daniel to become the pastor of l'Église Réformée Baptiste de Montréal where Daniel has labored ever since.


Brent Line
Naples, Florida

Brent is the son of our missionaries, Stan and Bev Line, and so grew up in Columbia, South America.  He graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 1991 and then earned a Master of divinity degree from Westminster Theological Seminary.  Brent returned to Columbia to teach Bible Survey and Beginning Greek classes at the Bethany Christian School in Villavicencicio. 

Right after Brent and Amy were married in 1998 they moved to Bogota to plant a new church. The Lord blessed this ministry, but because of circumstances beyond their control they had to return to the United States.  The Lord has now opened an opportunity to plant a church in a Spanish speaking area of Naples, Florida where Brent now ministers to a growing congregation.

Stan Line
Bogotá, Colombia

Stan grew up in Carlisle where he heard the Gospel of Christ and became a Christian at the age of twelve.  After receiving a call to the ministry he studied for three years at Moody Bible Institute, and then two additional years at Wheaton College.  After completing a year and a half internship at Grace Baptist, Stan departed for Colombia as a member of The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM).  Stan and his bride to be, Bev, became acquainted at the TEAM candidate classes in Chicago. 

After ministering in Columbia for a number of years, Stan changed his missionary affiliation and began establishing Reformed Baptist Churches throughout Columbia but primarily in Bogotá.  Though Stan is now officially retired he is just as busy with home Bible studies and ministering to pastors in Bogotá through a reformed library service where the Doctrines of Grace are taught.

Raymond Perron
National Pastor
Quebec, Canada

Raymond Perron came to faith in Christ in 1977 simply through reading the Scriptures. He is a graduate of  Berea Bible Institute in Montreal where he also taught.  While there he married his secretary, Diane.  He went on to receive a Master of Divinity degree from Toronto Baptist Seminary and holds a Doctorate from the Farel Institute.

Raymond began a church in the living room of their own home.  In 2001 he began a full time church planting ministry in the province of Quebec.


Chris Powell
National Pastor
Ontario, Canada

Chris came to know the Lord at age seven under his father’s ministry in the same church where he himself now ministers.  Chris graduated from the University of Toronto with a major in history and English.  While at University he was active in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  During his college years he met and married Valerie in 1998. After receiving counsel to obtain life experience prior to going into the ministry, Chris spent several years in the information technology and education sectors in roles varying from teaching to project management.  In 2004 he and his wife moved to Greenville, SC to attend Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. They became associate members at Grace Baptist Church, Taylors, where he served two terms as a pastoral intern.  During this time he and his fellow seminarian, John Miller, helped establish the Asheville Reformed Baptist Fellowship church plant.  Upon graduation he returned to Canada to pastor the Covenant Baptist Church in Toronto.  Chris and Valerie have two children.

Omar Ramos
Natinal Pastor
Santiago, Chile

Around 1973 Omar's family were invited by some missionaries from the U.S. to participate in a church that was next to their home. This began his exposure to the ways of the Lord until at age twelve the Lord opened Omar's heart and he was saved. He graduated from a Bible Institute where he met and married his wife Susana.  He pastored two churches in Chile and then through his studied became Reformed.  He is now pastoring a Reformed Baptist church in Santiago.

Keith Underhill
Nairobi, Kenya

Born and raised in England, Keith went to college in Aberystwyth, Wales. There he had the blessing of a Christian roommate and the ministry of Pastor Geoffrey Thomas and, in 1964, came to a saving knowledge of Christ.
  After finishing college, Keith went to Kenya to teach school for more than two years and then, having been called to the ministry, went to Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.  During that time he married his wife, Priscilla.  Then in 1978 they returned to Nairobi where Keith has been pastoring ever since.

Keith and Priscilla have three children.

David Vaughn
Aix-en-Provence, France

David was raised a Catholic but in college he lost all concern for spiritual things until students involved with Campus Crusade For Christ began witnessing to him.  David's eyes were opened to the question that had plagued him in his youth: "How can I become right with God?"  He joyfully received God's salvation in Christ and determined that his life must be totally His.

David served for six years under Campus Crusade in Ivory Coast, South Africa, where he learned French.  In 1990 he and his wife Nicky were sent as ARBCA missionaries to France.  David first labored for seven years to plant a church in the Burgundy region, then planted and pastored for thirteen years a church in Grenoble.  He is now planting another church in Aix-en-Provence.


Most of our  missionaries and national pastors are serviced by the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America


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