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Pastor Campbell is the author of five books published by Day One Publications:
1. Handle that New Call with Care
This little book examines the principles for accepting or declining of a call to a new pastorate and examines them in the light of the Bible, the history of the church and Godís providence.

2. Opening Up Galatians
God overrules for good the activities of those who teach false doctrine. In the days of the apostles, for example, we see these activities being overruled to the production of some of our foundational New Testament documents. Galatians is the prime example. The heresy it combats is, in its essence, widespread, and because of that, the letter is no less necessary now than it was 2,000 years ago.

3. Opening up Titus
Think of todayís church, and the issues that so often have to be faced: establishing a well-functioning eldership, combating false teaching, upholding the importance of sound doctrine, how we are to live as Christian men and as Christian women, appreciating the grace of God in salvation, and looking forward to the coming again of our Lord Jesus. All these, and many other themes, are carefully and practically worked through in this helpful guide which opens up the message of Titus for us today.

4. Travel with John Knox
"The most excellent man our country has produced" is how John Knox has been described. His clear vision for Scotland's need for reformation in the 16th century and his fiery outspoken criticism of error and corruption many times almost cost him his life. More than once Knox caused royalty to tremble and reduced it to tears, yet his courage, integrity and determination changed the course of Scottish history. As you trace the life and ministry of "the greatest of Scotsmen" you will appreciate the vital legacy that he left to this northern part of the kingdom. Like each of the books in this unique series, Travel with John Knox is both a carefully researched biography and a valuable travel guide. With over 150 color photographs, drawings and maps, it will guide the traveler to many of the key locations associated with the life and ministry of John Knox.

5. Heart Cries to Heaven: A Book of Prayers
The prayers have been selected and edited by Sara Leone.
Here is what the Day One catalog says about this book:
"This is a collection of David Campbell's prayers from Grace Baptist Church of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. You will not find here 'off the cuff
' prayers rattled perfunctorily; rather, the prayers are timeless, thoughtful, biblically sound, reverent and heartfelt. David Campbellís prayers are helpful in leading worshippers - whether in public, or in the privacy of their prayer closet - to God's throne of grace. Reading these prayers may move our hearts to petition the Lord for things we might not otherwise have considered."



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